Each issue of Elevate will feature a day in the life of a TIGS student, spoken in their own words. This issue we are pleased to bring you a day in the life of Year 7 student Paris Rix who joined the school in 2016.

Whether you’re a current TIGS Junior School family, a Year 7 parent, or considering enrolling at the school, there’s a comfort in knowing what to expect. This is a critical point of transition where students build important foundations for the six years ahead. Friendships are formed, independence is fostered and staff work together to create an environment that is vital for students to achieve their best.

TIGS - An amazing schooling experience

I can’t put more delight into my words when I tell you what an amazing time I am having on any given day, with what TIGS faculty and my peers have to offer me, let alone what the campus as a whole embraces.

Each day is never the same yet has one consistent similarity, positive life experience.

As a Year 7 student, each day starts with mentor group at 8.45am where we read the daily notices and prepare our thoughts for the day. This term we took the time to look at ways to support others less fortunate than us.

In the study of English, mistakes are proof that you are trying, and there is no better subject to show you. It is an art in itself which encompasses reading, writing, speaking, listening and viewing. In English class we develop essential skills which are the spine to all education.

It is not an exaggeration to say that a great English teacher can change a student's life, and some become the most influential role models for developing TIGS students. By forging a good understanding of this subject the educators at TIGS are able to affect virtually every aspect of student’s lives teaching them important life lessons that will help them succeed for their future.

Being a student at TIGS you will never be bored in Maths although at times it can be frustrating, surrounded by challenges, and with so much to accomplish in so little time. Maths is one of my favourite subjects due to the investment that others have made for me. The teachers never cease to amaze me with their capacity for courage, endurance and commitment to their students today, tomorrow, past and future. This is quite frequently done with the most wonderful sense of humour.

Teachers carry an immense responsibility to set you up for life, regardless of what profession you choose.

One of my last classes for the day was PE. It was so exciting to be able to incorporate my love for dance and performance into today’s lesson. We have been studying traditional dance to help broaden our understanding of other cultures and today we were able to perform in front of the class.

It is not always easy to change a student's life but PE teachers seem to have a special way of inspiring us. They make learning fun and stimulating with engaging lessons that are pivotal to student's academic success.

The school grounds are an exciting environment for learning, providing opportunities for students to test their own motivation, mental determination and physical attributes. These skills will benefit TIGS students immeasurably in the long run.

Education, inspiration, and guidance are what TIGS offers. Educators at this school help students gain confidence to pursue higher education, advice when exploring career opportunities and are supportive when students compete in events they might otherwise have not thought themselves able to. It is an incredibly well-rounded experience that I am thoroughly enjoying and I take great pride in wearing the TIGS uniform.

Education is the best provision for the journey to old age.