Welcome to Elevate! This is a new electronic platform designed for our TIGS Community to give you a more in-depth understanding of what is happening inside our school.

TIGS Elevate aims to immerse you in the life of our school, inspire you and draw you closer into our community. There will be insights into our faculties, programmes and staff that will help you step inside the school grounds, feel part of our learning and navigate your TIGS journey, whether it is about to start, well on the way, or a memorable part of your story as you build a life and career beyond our grounds.

Approximately 40% of jobs that exist in Australia today are predicted to disappear in the next 15 years as a result of technological change. Read ‘Need to Know” to discover the skill that many schools aren’t yet teaching but is essential for future success. Gain a greater insight into our academic programmes through "Faculty in Focus" and "Da Vinci Immersion". Walk a mile in the shoes of our students with “A Day in the Life”.

Hear the stories of our alumni as we explore the decisions they made while at TIGS and the subsequent paths they have taken. Read for instance about Patrick Meaney, Class of 2009, an active and committed student who went on to study Arts/Law at the University of Sydney and then work overseas as a lawyer. And if you're wondering about the inspiration behind our new publication, Rev James Rogers’ article is sure to satisfy your curiosity in “Why Elevate?”

Whatever the time of day, whether you're escaping the daily grind on your lunch break, catching up on all the news at the airport before your flight, or relaxing on the lounge on a Friday night, I hope you enjoy the articles we have prepared for you and grow in your understanding of the world inside TIGS.