In this edition of Elevate we explore the theme of “The World After Graduation”. AT TIGS we are committed to preparing our student for a flourishing life beyond their time here at our school.

Discover how our Prep students are building a strong foundation for the educational journey ahead of them and how Kindergarten are preparing for their graduation in 2031. We look at how the Junior School and Senior School co-curricular programmes provide opportunities for students to develop skills that will hold them in good stead while at TIGS, during higher education and into the workforce.

The video interview with Liz Clark from the University of Wollongong is essential viewing for those looking for great advice on Early Admission into University and it is wonderful to share news about three of our award-winning 2012 Alumni since graduating from TIGS.

There is also an opportunity to hear from the Chair of School Council, discover more about the joy of languages, meet our new-look Foundation Board and learn about the great results being seen in our Arrowsmith Program.

I commend this edition of Elevate to you.