I hope you enjoy this second edition of Elevate as much as I have. TIGS is about the education of the whole person and these articles celebrate the many opportunities our students have for new experiences and to uncover and develop new talents and abilities, both in the classroom and through our extensive co-curricular programme.

It also struck me that the articles reflect the TIGS experience. It starts with the questions parents have when choosing a school that is right for their children. Elevate then captures a snapshot of the many opportunities at TIGS to develop academically, spiritually, physically, aesthetically, culturally, socially and emotionally (to quote from TIGS Statement of Mission and Values). The edition concludes with an example of the fine young men and women that graduate from TIGS and move on to make their mark in the wider world.

We are proud of our students and we celebrate their achievements at School and beyond. Please enjoy this edition of Elevate.