TIGS students recently staged a magnificent production of the Wizard of Oz. The annual productions at TIGS are the highlight of the Arts year and the all-inclusive approach provides students a great range of opportunities to be involved. 2016 was no exception with over 130 students participating in the cast and crew, orchestra, front of house, set design, technical team, makeup, video production and photo media.

Tyson Dinnie of the Albatross Musical Theatre Company and graduate of WAAPA (Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts) attended opening night and provided the following review.

Dear Cast, Crew and Orchestra of 'The Wizard of Oz'...

A massive CONGRATULATIONS on your opening night performance! I was sitting in the audience feeling extremely moved by your portrayal of this classic story and also feeling a sense of nostalgia at the same time as I directed Albatross Musical Theatre Co's production of 'Oz' back in 2014!

Oz is such a technically challenging show and in the professional world is categorised as Big Budget and a technical nightmare! Well TIGS, you did yourselves and your school very proud...you achieved something very special and spectacular!

The principals were finely cast with some beautiful tones coming from Dorothy and Glinda - stunning legato lines and fluid vibrato.

The ensemble sounded lush and full just as a musical theatre ensemble should and included tight harmonies and dramatic intensity. The choreographic element was stylised with some outstanding extension and flexibility work by your company dancers.

I must say the orchestra, under the baton of Jacqui Hitchcock was outstanding, particularly for a school ensemble with developing artists...the Oz score is incredibly tricky and often sits in the higher tessitura creating challenges for, in particular French Horn players, yet the entire sound and balance of the orchestra was in fine form!

To the crew and production office....a mammoth musical well done! A massive congratulations to Jane McIntosh on her outstanding vision and dedication to the narrative! I was so very impressed at what I saw!!

Bravi tutti!!!
Toi Toi for the rest of the season!

The following slide show features a selection of images from TIGS Production of The Wizard of Oz.